Robust Links - Tools

Last updated: June 29, 2020

For web page authors and web masters that want to combat link rot in their pages:
  • The Robust Links JavaScript and CSS code, available from the Robust Links GitHub repository, can be embedded in web pages by means of linking to their corresponding JavaScript DOI and CSS DOI. The script dynamically introduces options that support following links to snapshots of linked resources in web archives. This allows the user to see the linked resources as they were around the time of the creation of the page or the link. The script uses robustified link information as a means to present these options.
  • The robustify.js script that can be embedded in web pages. It works in combination with a server side script that checks whether links still work as they are being clicked. If not, the user is being redirected to a snapshot in a web archive. robustify.js provides an elegant approach to fight link rot and provide the web page user with a good experience.
For authors of web pages, to create snapshots of pages you link to:
For administrators of web sites, blogs, and content management systems, to safeguard pages linked from the content you serve:
  • The amber server-side plug-in
For administrators of Apache web servers, to create snapshots of all versions of the content you serve:
For anyone who wants to follow robust links in web pages:
  • The Memento Time Travel extension for the Chrome browser that provides seamless navigation between the web of the present and the web of the past, and makes Robust Links actionable.